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Platform 9: Nanotherapeutics

As a result of significant public research and development investment, many promising prototypes for nanomedicine applications in the areas of therapeutics, diagnostics and regenerative medicine are reaching clinical trials and are entering the regulatory approval pathway. This trend is exemplified by the recent success of the COVID-19 vaccines from Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech.

There is a growing requirement by regulators and developers to de-risk translation by better understanding the critical determinants of efficacy and safety. Nanotechnology offers great promise for treatment and diagnostics but is constrained by the interdisciplinary expertise required for robust characterisation needed for progression towards clinical trials.

Led by The Nanotherapeutics Hub, located at the University of Liverpool, this platform provides industry partners access to the Hub’s expertise and its network of UK partner organisations to support the development of innovative new antimicrobials, and vaccines, leveraging nanotechnology.

“As an iiCON platform, we bring expertise in the field of nanotherapeutics which encompasses applications in infectious disease, cancer, immune modulation and regenerative medicine. The benefits, and promise, of nanotechnology, are clear. However, robust characterisation of their interactions with biological systems is vital to their translation to clinical use.

Using our expertise, we are determining critical quality attributes for nanotherapeutics to assist in the future rational design of advanced materials. This is supported by our partnership with the National Measurement Laboratory and our links to national, and international, activities.”

Professor Neill Liptrott

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Professor Neill Liptrott

Platform Lead

Professor Neill Liptrott

Chair of Pharmacology and Immuno-compatibility at the University of Liverpool and Coordinator of The Nanotherapeutics Hub at The University of Liverpool

Professor Liptrott has a background in pharmacology, immunology, immunopharmacology and molecular cell biology. His research is aimed at investigating the biological interactions of conventional and nanotechnology-enabled medicines and therapeutics as well as other novel therapeutic strategies such as cellular therapies.

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