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Platform 10: Antibody Humanisation

Antibody humanisation enables promising antibody candidates from non-human species to be modified so that they are applicable to humans.

LifeArc, a self-funded medical research charity, has joined iiCON as an additional consortium partner to make its expertise in the field of antibody humanisation available commercially to any organisation domestically or internationally.

LifeArc’s expertise and track record of success in this field has helped transform the way many conditions are treated, with more than 90 antibodies humanised over the past 30 years and it has contributed to five marketed therapeutics. These results have been achieved by working with research teams and organisations to optimise and humanise the antibodies they have developed and move them closer towards patient impact.

This platform has been designed to provide partners and researchers in the field with streamlined access to LifeArc’s leading capabilities in humanising antibodies for therapeutic applications and so help solve vital challenges in infectious diseases.

LifeArc is embarking on a global health strategy that aims to accelerate the progression of affordable and accessible solutions that will help further the understanding, diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases, reducing their prevalence, emergence and impact on lives around the world.

The partnership with LifeArc underlines a core aspect of iiCON’s mission, which is to connect the dots across the health & life sciences sector to ensure that the best ideas and the newest technologies get the support they need to achieve significant, real-world results.

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