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Operating across iiCON’s eleven open-access specialist research platforms, we remove barriers to market by providing companies access to world-leading research expertise, market intelligence, and cutting-edge facilities.

We collaborate with our industry, academic, and NHS partners to support industry to progress products from TRL 1 (Basic Principles) to TRL 9 (System Operation), leveraging the combined resources and deep specialist expertise and capability of partners.

We engage at all stages of the innovation journey from very early-stage conceptual work, through to clinical trials, manufacturing, and market positioning.

We work with companies of all sizes,– from highly agile, innovative start-ups to respected industry giants to nurture and support innovation in antimicrobial development and fast-track new products and treatments to patients and communities.

Technology Readiness Level 1 & 2


Our early-stage-discovery platforms offer sophisticated expertise & facilities to support world-leading innovation. This knowledge & capability enables the discovery of innovative diagnostics & antimicrobials, bringing forward transformative novel candidates to combat global challenges including multi-drug resistance.

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Technology Readiness Level 3 & 4


Our Translation platforms support the development of novel antimicrobials & diagnostics. Specialist support is available to progress novel therapeutics from hits to leads. Highly innovative technologies including nanotherapeutics, innovative humanised tissue & microfluidic models, including organoid systems & Organ-on-Chip is accessible to industry to fast-track drug discovery. New drug development pathways are being developed to support the industry effort to combat multi-drug-resistant superbugs.

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Technology Readiness Level 5, 6, 7 & 8

Evaluation & Approval

World-class facilities & expertise support product evaluation & validation. Our expertise in Human Challenge trials offers industry co-located research & clinical facilities, with impactful first-in-human trials run by world-leading researchers available for all antimicrobial applications, significantly de-risking the transition into humans. Our platforms also offer validation & verification of non-invasive diagnostics & advanced surface science capability from leading research institutions.

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Technology Readiness Level 9


Our Adoption platforms shape & inform global health policy and support market access, helping to protect communities from diseases including Malaria. Our experts also work closely with industry & policy makers to position health interventions & products to enable maximum public health benefit.

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