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Platform 2: Hits to Leads

Accelerating the development of new, innovative antibiotics that can combat deadly resistant infections, iiCON supports SMEs through the early-stage drug discovery pathway to progress candidates from Hits to Leads through this platform led by Infex Therapeutics.

The platform provides a subsidised, cost-effective mechanism to progress novel programs for some of the world’s most dangerous infectious diseases, including Gram-negative WHO critical-priority pathogens, and viruses such as Sars-COV2 through the Hit to Lead development phase.

If the H2L program is technically successful, it will provide partner SMEs with one or more validated lead series of compounds that will enable them to obtain further funding to progress their projects to the next stage: Lead Optimisation. At this stage, there are opportunities to secure non-dilutive grant funding, obtain other private investment, for example via venture funds, or enter deals to partner or license their molecules. Infex Therapeutics can also offer a potential route for SMEs to co-develop or license, subject to further agreement.

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Dr Derek Lindsay

Platform Lead

Dr Derek Lindsay

Chief Operating Officer, Infex Therapeutics.

Dr Lindsay was a co-founder of Redx Pharma and its Chief Operating Officer from 2012-17. His former roles include being a Director of Innovation of pharmaceutical industry consortium Britest Ltd from 2006 to 2012, and R&D Director of Avecia Pharmaceutical Products in a management career of more than 30 years. Derek has worked in R&D, Process Development and Hazards at Avecia and its predecessor businesses, Zeneca and ICI, which he joined in 1988, after initially working in R&D at BP from 1985.

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