Combatting Malaria in Vulnerable Communities

Mosquito nets are a key weapon in the battle to protect communities from malaria. iiCON has conducted important research and large-scale trials into the protection offered by insecticide treated mosquito nets. This work has shaped the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) recommendations for malaria prevention.

The iiCON-led trial found that Piperonyl Butoxide long-lasting insecticide treated nets (PBO LLINs) offered more protection against malaria than conventional non-PBO LLINs over a period of up to 25 months.

The PBO-net trial in Uganda was scrutinised by the WHO Vector Control Advisory Group, resulting in a recommendation for WHO Prequalification to change policy advice for PBO-nets.

Following this important work, 33% of the millions of treated mosquito nets distributed in Africa in 2021 were PBO nets – helping to protect communities and save lives